Tuesday, May 15, 2007

who are making obscene profits in the tens of billions of dollars ~~~ this part of their game to keep the profits going?"

his crappy Attempt to "portray" to the american audience as "spin doctor" the xon windmill windfarm of daddy warbuckaroos as to attempt to appease the all knowing eye is a nappy attempt at "fake the policy as a long term srtategy"

Better to act like we care than utilize watt the losses will be if we dont milk the titty......

Smart cars, Daewoos, 100km to the liter, are well known yet are not efficent if you want to suck off the tit at least until November 2008.

Watt a crooked or stupid electorate college that has the nerve to insult the intelligence of the average american citizen.
BUt unless we vote them out in 2008 we foot the bil for their "gas"!!!!!

If you ask me they need an enema to put them out of their misery of being bloated with excess air in their septic orfice!

Some one call Fleet's and order a warehouse full of half green and half orange. Fed EX for overnight delivery.

They are getting septic poisoning......

Code red....or is it code blue????????????

Democrats slam Big Oil over $3 gasoline prices

By Tom Doggett Tue May 8, 4:46 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate's top Democrat on Tuesday accused big oil companies of shutting down refineries temporarily to raise gasoline prices and rake in"obscene profits."

Gasoline prices have topped $3 a gallon at service stations across the country because several oil refineries are offline due to maintenance or accidents, reducing gasoline production and making fuel supplies tight.

"It's outrageous ...Isn't it interesting every year about this time, a refinery goes down for repairs," said Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (news, bio, voting record) of Nevada.

"Is that coincidental? Or is it part of a plan that these multinational, huge companies who are making obscene profits in the tens of billions of dollars -- is this part of their game to keep the profits going?" Reid said.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (news, bio, voting record) on Tuesday announced seven congressional hearings in coming weeks on soaring energy prices and plans to put together a proposed package of energy bills by July 4 to address the issue.

"With Memorial Day travel and the start of summer driving only a few weeks away, drivers are paying a heavy price for the Bush administration's failure to enact a comprehensive energy strategy," said Pelosi.

"Years of Bush administration policies that have favored Big Oil over the consumers have resulted in record dependence on foreign oil," the California Democrat added.

The Energy Department's forecasting arm warned on Tuesday that gasoline inventories would remain low throughout the summer, putting upward pressure on fuel prices.

"The gas prices that we see across the country today are, for lack of a better description, awful," said Reid, who wants to roll together three bipartisan bills already approved by Senate committees that deal with energy problems.

The bills would cut future U.S. gasoline demand and improve the fuel economy of cars and trucks.

Pelosi said House committees will seek ways to combat gasoline price gouging and develop clean alternative fuels. They also will examine the broad economic impact of foreign oil dependence and look at technology to boost energy efficiency.

Pelosi said the coming energy package would provide economic incentives to develop and use clean alternative fuels. It also will encourage innovation to create new jobs and help small businesses and enhance technology-driven efficiency.

Republicans criticized Democrats for promising relief while not doing much to tackle high energy costs.

House Republican Leader John Boehner (news, bio, voting record) said Democrats have opposed "common sense energy solutions" such as blocking legislation to open Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

ExxonMobil Profits

ExxonMobil Profits 2/7/2006 11:25:46 AM
I know there has been some mention on the board, but I want to see what the opinions are about ExxonMobil's record profit for Q4 2005, $10.7 billion and over $36 billion for the year. Both of these are records for any publicly listed company. I have not had time to do any research at this time, but I plan to as soon as my work load permits.
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curmudgeonPosts: 2126

Profit = Good! 2/7/2006 11:28:59 AM
Would you be concerned if Exxon/Mobil was losing money?
sidewalk_cipherPosts: 1298

Re: Profit = Good! 2/7/2006 11:31:29 AM
Profit = Good! Then why are you so scared of globalisation?
curmudgeonPosts: 2126

Because . . . 2/7/2006 11:38:44 AM
. . . Exxon/Mobil making a profit has nothing to do with globalization.
Capt CarralesPosts: 1833

My problem with globalization... 2/7/2006 11:41:38 AM
...stems from having grown up in Premont, Texas. I know what it is like first hand to be ignored by South Texas, The State of Texas and the Federal Government. What chance would we...South Texas, as a whole fare in such a WORLD system? They would make up the world LAND FILL and there would be nothing we could do? Who would object of World Political and Economic structures ordered the area cleared? No, Sir...I prefer the" name=53074

curtis rockPosts: 271

Re: My problem with globalization... 2/7/2006 6:11:10 PM
Well, according to your theory, maybe government assistance isn''t such a bad idea. Controlling the economy and subsidizing corporations in troubled areas is not conducive to an efficient economy. Just because an area can''t compete, doesn''t constitute government interference. Hundreds of years of economic analysis shows that globalization is a positive. It''s all about comparative advantage.

Capt CarralesPosts: 1833

Maybe when the work you do now... 2/8/2006 12:05:10 AM
...is being done by a Foreign company at half the cost and you have to go out of business because of" name=53074

Mike GPosts: 7
Re: Profit = Good! 2/7/2006 11:38:24 AM
Actually, yes I would because Oil & Gas is part of my portfolio. And I know a lot of people that work directly and indirectly in the oil industry.
curtis rockPosts: 271

Re: ExxonMobil Profits 2/7/2006 6:05:28 PM
Profits are a plus because it''s the incentive shareholders seek to continue on. However, just because a firm profits, doesn''t necessarily mean it''s in your best interest as an investor. Remember, the purpose of investing is to maximize shareholder wealth. If you make a profit every year, but don''t increase the investment to increase wealth in the form of capital and eventually profit, then you''re basically a sitting duck. In simpleton terms, if I had a hand-squeezed lemondade stand that was profitable for 5 bucks profit; I may want to lose some money one year to purchase a mechanized lemon squeeze in anticipation of making a 10 dollar profit. Buy low, sell high.

fishonPosts: 59
Re: Re: ExxonMobil Profits 2/7/2006 9:01:03 PM
First of all, there is a big difference between profit & profit margin. You fail to see the exspence spent to gain that number. Being only 5 oil compainies to serv 300 million people naturally youll see a net gain that high. They really only gained %7 profit margin in 2005. simple economics. Alot more S&P 500 gain more than %7 per year but the the amount of profit taken in is way less...the billions of dollars in profit showed is decieving, typical left media not telling the whole story!!!
curtis rockPosts: 271